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People love talking about the weather, and your business will be the main topic of conversation when you offer a conditional weather promotion. These programs are ideal for businesses that rise and fall on the weatherman’s forecast. They’re also fun, unique and effective for retailers and other businesses, particularly when you tie a specific weather peril to a holiday or seasonal event.

Condional rebates adds fun, excitement and memorability to your event and they are easy to understand. Customers simply purchase a product or service and if a specific weather peril occurs, they receive a refund, a free prize, cash or merchandise

Customized programs accommodate small or large budgets

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Variety of Program Formats Temperature promotions: hottest/coldest day, temperature over/under a specified temperature.

Rainfall promotions: daily rainfall exceeds a specified level, rainiest day on record, cumulative rainfall not to exceed a specified level within a certain time frame. Snowfall in the mountains, promotions: daily snowfall exceeds a specified level, snowiest day on record etc.

Choose from full cash-back programs, partial cash-back programs, or prize underwriting programs in which SCA pays for a prize of cash or merchandise up to one million dollars

Effective For Many Types of Business Programs Retailers, Auto dealerships, Broadcast media, Print media, Co-op advertising, Tie-insContests, Sweepstakes, Direct mail campaigns, Travel and hospitality-related companies, Corporate events, Trade shows and conventions.

For pricing please call us at 602-432-1398 or e-mail: